This is the bottle that contains my beauty. How could it not, the way it breaks the light.

The way the liquid distorts the image of what is behind it.

This is the bottle that has become my life.


As the level lowers, worlds open up.

I still see you beautiful but others find you ugly.

As the level lowers, the lines become less defined.


As the level lowers, and my hands start shaking, our connection grows stronger, their connection drifts further.


This is the bottle that contained beauty.

This is the bottle I’ve been wearing around my neck.

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Gewicht 110 g
Afmetingen 280 × 200 × 25 mm
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Veronika Fabian
Drunk Chain, 2020
necklace; aluminium (Danska vodka bottles)
280 x 200 x 25mm, 110gr


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