Sefiroth charts Dutch jeweller Ruudt Peters’ 2006 jewellery series and exhibition of the same name. He invites us to join him on a journey through the inner labyrinths of the soul and the emotions. He is neither afraid of spiritual themes nor of highlighting esoteric traditions but the references to magic and the mystical found in this series should not be read as the Truth. Instead, as Jorunn Veiteberg suggests, they are the result of a non-dogmatic search for a visual language that can express complex life experiences. As Peters says, “The names all come from Kabbalah. . . . But I use names and descriptions quite associatively, in an open-minded way, not dogmatic at all. It is more like a vehicle, something I use to express my ideas and emotions about life.”

The brooches in this series tell us, in name and motif, that they wish to break with conventional perceptions of jewellery as purely decorative objects. They present themselves as both communicative objects and objects of meditation, and their beauty lies as much in their inner qualities as in their outer effects.

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83 pages, full colour
Dutch and English
Dimensions: 20 x 14 cm
Publisher: Galerie Marzee, 2006