Dongchun Lee

30 april t/m 19 juli 2023 (verlengd t/m 26 juli 2023)

Wood is a symbol of human life, interpreted in various cultures and subject to spiritual communication, especially in the East. Wood has strong religious and cultural significance yet is also central to our lives in a very practical way. Even in art, it has long been used as a means to tell stories or as a material for making. In particular, wood implicitly references important key words at the centre of the philosophical or figurative thinking that I have long sought as an artist.

The form is based on a very spontaneous and sentimental drawing, or is determined in the process of carving the wood. I expect the form to be created intuitively and, as such, I control my mind based on my experience of time through nature.

Mind ยท Tears
Tears soothe sorrow, heal wounds, and control anger.
Tears calm joy.
Tears release surplus feelings and purify the mind.
I gather tears in my heart again today.
When emotions fill my heart, I empty it with tears.