Marzee International Graduate Show
18 August - 30 October 2019

Showcasing work by our selection of this year’s most outstanding jewellery graduates from schools and academies around the world this, our 33rd Graduate Show, is a compelling endorsement of the quality and diversity of the vision and skill of young artists.

The show highlights both regional variations in visual vocabularies and the collective preoccupations that propel the graduates. Much of this year’s work, most noticeably in Europe, is dark, weighted with longing, loss, loneliness and the search for protection and preservation. Not surprising, perhaps, in these strange and turbulent times that so many should seek solace in talismans of security and stability, amulets and ritual objects as armour against the fragility of the human condition today. Transformation is everywhere, and the mellow intertwining of memory and objects as the artists journey through evocative materialisations of moments treasured; tangible embodiments of accumulations of time and the residual marks that trace our existence as we walk, work, communicate, love, remember. For all the common points of departure, the work is as diverse as the makers and a celebration of self-expression in an increasingly small and connected world.

Impressions of Ravary can be found in the glasshouse in an exhibition of work by a number of last year’s prizewinners, as well as a series of photographs documenting their residency. 

This year the Marzee Graduate Prize winners are:

Joy Bonfield Colombara – Royal College of Art, London (UK)
Erinn Michelle Cox – EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) (Estonia) 
Eunji Han – Kookmin University (South Korea)
Esther Heite – University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf (Germany) 
Valerie James – Rhode Island School of Design (USA) 
Cathryn Jasterzbski – Rhode Island School of Design (USA) 
Kyung Jin Kim – Academy of Fine Arts Nuremburg (Germany) 
Triin Kukk – EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) (Estonia) 
Merlin Meremaa – EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) (Estonia) 
Felicia Mülbaier – Trier University of the Applied Arts, Idar-Oberstein (Germany) 
Barbora Opátová – Trier University of the Applied Arts, Idar-Oberstein (Germany) 
Chloe Valorso – Royal College of Art, London (UK)