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Iconoclastic, intuitive and impetuous, Lisa Walker challenges traditional notions about jewellery and questions what it is and what it can be. With an open yet rigorous approach, she works with found objects, precious materials, abandoned bits and bobs, combining and transforming them to create jewellery that questions its very nature, reconsiders its own answers and explores relationships to art, culture and society. ‘Everything is food for art’, she says.

For this exhibition Lisa made new works and collaborated with German photographer Eva Jünger. Eva is striving for perfection, nothing in Eva’s series of portraits is accidental, everything is rigorously staged and perfect in every possible way. An unlikely combination. Chaos meets order and maybe now it is finally making sense.

An exhibition you have to see: ‘keep an eye of something or two’ by Lisa Walker and Eva Jünger.

Two new books will be launched during the opening: a book of photographs by Eva Jünger with jewellery by Lisa Walker that has the same title as their joint exhibition: ‘keep an eye of something or two‘ and a new book by Lisa Walker: ‘jewellery drawings.



Margit Jäschke sees herself not as a goldsmith but as an artist who works with collage, jewellery, objects and drawing, blurring the boundaries between such rigid categorisation. She composes fascinating forms with disparate materials, juxtaposing metal and minerals with corrugated cardboard, epoxy and plastic. Details become meaningful, evoking a plethora of associations for the wearer or viewer. Sometimes richly pictorial, sometimes spare, this jewellery conjures imagined worlds and things long since forgotten. This exhibition spans several years of Margit’s oeuvre and is an selection of her newest and most inspiring jewellery, now on display at Galerie Marzee.


Pedro Sequeira‘s work is very diverse, yet clearly recognisable despite the fact that he continues to experiment with his jewellery. The constant in his work are his drawings and paintings. In this exhibition, he allows all disciplines, materials and concepts and leaves it to the viewer to find out who Pedro Sequeira actually is. Often surprising and resourceful, expressive and sometimes subdued, but never boring.



previous exhibitions from 24 March until 22 May 2024 in Galerie Marzee

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