Current Exhibitions

7 November 2021 to 16 January 2022

Jewellery from Aotearoa New Zealand

New Zealand jewellery is seen in the wider world as a free spirit that turns away from convention and description.

Obviously, the work comes from makers who connects to their ideas, and those ideas occur from the two islands in the middle of the Pacific, far away from the accumulation of common institutional conventions.
New Zealand history is built upon pioneering spirits. Its contemporary jewellery history is still traceable with most artists still active. In this exhibition are a few of those pioneering spirits who showed inspiring ways throughout their careers.

Sieraden from Aotearoa New-Zealand is brought to the Netherlands by MAKERS101 and curated by Marie-José van den Hout in cooperation with The Handshake Project

> participating artists:

  • Fran Allison 
  • Vanessa Arthur 
  • Becky Bliss 
  • Octavia Cook 
  • Mary Curtis 
  • Nina van Duijnhoven 
  • Warwick Freeman 
  • Karl Fritsch 
  • Kelly McDonald 
  • Craig McIntosh
  • Neke Moa
  • Shelley Norton 
  • Renée Pearson 
  • Moniek Schrijer 
  • Caroline Thomas 
  • Lisa Walker 

In Conversation with Chequita Nahar

  • Yinka Buutfeld- alumna Design Academy Eindhoven 
  • Kalkidan Hoex- alumna Maastricht Institute of Arts 
  • Anke Huijben- alumna, Maastricht Institute of Arts 
  • Thom van Schaik – student, Maastricht Institute of Arts 

Eiman Rezaei - Still Life




Artist Statement

Still Life


I am continuously inspired by the beginnings and the basics. The beginning, being the formless inspiration of what will ultimately take shape and the basics as the minimal framework to exhibit that initial spark. An idea is following a gesture that comes to mind, a movement in space, which I attempt to materialize and acknowledge, is often and ultimately fleeting.


Still Life is an exploration of jewelry as a middle space separating curiosity and discovery – a moment in which a sense of unfolding establishes a bond between the object and the wearer. The pieces require an exploration for one to feel their way through the obscurity of the tabletop object, into the familiarity of a worn piece.


There is a stillness that resides in a piece of jewelry disguised as an independent and autonomous object in space. The moment at which an object transforms into jewelry is the “life” activated by its interaction with the wearer and the intention to be worn.