Present - 40 Years of Galerie Marzee
9 June - 10 August 2019

Present is a celebratory exhibition marking 40 years of Galerie Marzee.

Each of our artists presents a new or never before seen piece – a true panorama of the creative possibilities of international jewellery and objects in the 21st century. Articulating their thoughts and preoccupations with passion, curiosity and extraordinary technical skill, these artists show us life and love and the myriad manifestations of hands at work.

The artists have also each presented a gift for Marie-José in a small wooden box – a deeply touching collection of memories, thoughts, objects and images. an intimate and personal history of the last forty years of Marzee.

A second exhibition shows, for the first time, the jewellery collection of Jur and Thea van Lee-Ellis. Between 1973 and 2018 they collected nearly 400 pieces and the collection includes pieces by some of the most influential jewellery artists from the second half of the twentieth century. The collection has been gifted to the Marzee Collection Foundation by Thea Ellis.