David Huycke

David Huycke is a Belgian silversmith best known for his innovative approach to the traditional technique of granulation. He approaches his craft like a scientist or an alchemist casting, in moulds, non-existent and seemingly impossible concepts, without regard for the risk of breakage or collapse. These ideas and experiments are developed into objects that exude a degree of stillness and natural obviousness, as if they could not have been made in any other way. 


David was born in Sint-Niklaas in 1967 and holds an MFA from Karel de Grote Hogeschool and a PhD from KU Leuven/University of Hasselt in Belgium. He is a professor at the PXL-MAD School of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University. His work is widely exhibited and held in permanent collections such as the Marzee Collection, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau and the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the US. He has won numerous awards, most recently the Bavarian State Prize 2019.