Genevieve Howard

Genevieve Howard grew up singing, playing and writing music. Inspired by her background, she makes jewellery that translates music into three-dimensional and wearable forms. Using a combination of technology and traditional skills, she creates drawings and notations from the architecture of musical scores, making shapes which she stacks like staves and rolls into scrolls to produce wearable pieces.  

Born in Ireland in 1992, Genevieve has a BA from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and is currently studying for her MA at the University of Art and Design Linz in Austria.  She has won numerous awards, including the Irish Crafts Council’s Future Makers Innovation Award in 2018. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in the Marzee Collection as well as the public collections of the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia, CODA Museum in the Netherlands and the Dallas Museum of Art in Texas.