Veronika Fabian

Born in 1979 in Hungary, Veronika holds a BA from Central St Martins in London, and previously studied economic policy at the University of Budapest. She was awarded a Marzee Graduate Prize and the Theo Fennell Overall Best Award for her degree collection in 2018. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in collections such as the Marzee Collection, CODA Museum, Neue Sammlung in Munich, Central St Martins’ Museum & Study Collection, The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. 

Inspired by her own artistic journey, Veronika Fabian explores women’s relationships to self-identity, how they unfold and evolve within the economic and cultural confines of the 21st century, and the deep-rooted consumerism dominated by popular culture and mass media. Using chains, often decorated with traditionally male tattoo motifs, she scrutinises female roles and archetypes, asking ‘are women more liberated or more constrained now than their predecessors?’