Myrrh is for mercy, to cover up my falling

Lilies are to overpower the smell of decay

Oud welcomes the dream after harsh reality

Sage hides me from evil, the evil of my own


Rosewood shows a good heart, a heart I never had

Jasmin’s for the virtue I thought I’d grow in

Oranges and lemons wash the exhaustion away

And cinnamon arms you up with the mirage of power


I’ve let them out of bottles

They turned my days into mascarades

Now I wear the pieces of glass

around my neck

To cover up my wrinkles

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 250 × 220 × 25 mm
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Veronika Fabian
Masquerade, 2020
necklace; glass (perfume bottles), resin, silver, steel
250 x 220 x 25mm, 250gr


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