Rudolf Kocéa - Wanderung

30 April until 19 July 2023 (extended until 26 July 2023)

For his exhibition ‘Wanderung’, Rudolf Kocéa for once did not choose news reports and photos as his inspiration.
The Corona crisis gave him time to go outside and take walks. He encounters the beauty of nature on those walks, in forests and near lakes, with many shades of green and blue.
The Wandering (Hike) series depicts frogs and toads, where the term ‘Wanderung’ could refer not only to the fact that he encountered them on his hikes, but also to the term ‘toad migration’.
A whole series of rings and bracelets are also inspired by nature and some highlights from personal moments are also depicted in jewellery.
This exhibition shows a more vulnerable, reflective side of Rudolf Kocéa, of someone who not only keeps a close eye on turbulent world events, but also someone who takes time for a more subdued, peaceful side of himself.
Taking a break from the heavy moments you are inundated with in the news. Immersed in a fascinating and mysterious world that cares little about what goes on around us. Filled with hope and comfort.
What remains is his style, seemingly carelessly made pieces of jewellery that, on closer inspection, show a particularly skilful and time-consuming process of among others chiselling, engraving and enamelling.
Michiel Heffels