Winfried Krüger

Winfried Krüger inhabits a world rich with inspiration, recognising the glimmer of creative possibility in things otherwise unseen. Working with silver and found objects cast and coloured with oxide, enamel and old found glass, the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life become necklaces, rings and brooches. From this detritus he creates objects of beauty without sentimentality. For Krüger, ‘nothing is without value and nothing is too valuable’. His jewellery speaks with its own unique language. Sometimes playful, sometimes austere, his approach is both passionate and pragmatic.

Winfried was born in Bauschlott in Germany in 1944. Following his goldsmiths’ training, he studied jewellery at Fachhochschule Pforzheim under Reinhold Reiling. For over twenty years he taught at the Berufskolleg für Design, Schmuck und Gerät in Pforzheim and has collaborated on several film projects, exhibition concepts, workshops and symposia. His work is widely exhibited and held in numerous collections such as the Marzee Collection, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, the Design Museum in Helsinki, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He was awarded the Marzee Prize in 2011.

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