Stefano Marchetti

19 June until 27 August 2022 (extended until 17 September 2022)

Stefano Marchetti is always experimenting with metals and techniques, fascinated by new inventions and solutions to existing technical problems. His new work with threads of platinum was made in a special way using different melting points of metals. His gold bracelet is also made using different melting points of metals, but the works with platinum are different, and he doesn’t want to say any more about it until he has discovered all the secrets of the new invention and tested its limits. According to Stefano, the new technique allows him to carry out his work in any size without any of the limitations normally associated with works made of wire. He could even – in theory – make life-size sculptures with wire relief from platinum without the structure becoming weak. His curiosity would have been satisfied long ago, were it not for the fact that platinum is so precious. Bigger is not necessarily prettier, so we can enjoy Stefano’s small, beautiful, wonderfully innovative jewellery without having to wait any longer.