Jewellery in Context: A Multidisciplinary Framework for the Study of Jewellery is Dutch art historian and design critic Marjan Unger’s doctoral dissertation, published for the first time in English. Unger endeavours to formulate a general definition of jewellery and analyses the extent to which jewellery, globally, is associated with different, sometimes contradictory issues: all human fears, but also desires, have, in a sense, materialised as objects of adornment, she postulates. With its comprehensive approach, Unger’s text provides a solid theoretical framework to aid the study of jewellery, making it a standout reference work for everyone interested in the field of jewellery.

Theo Smeets, professor at Trier University of Applied Sciences, edited the book and was instrumental in bringing it to the wider public in English translation.

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229 pages, black and white
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Publisher: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2019
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