Pavel Opočenský

Jeweller and sculptor Pavel Opočenský has been one of the avant-gardists of the Prague jewellery scene since the 1970s. Material experiment has always been central in his work, and he creates his pieces from natural and synthetic materials such as ivory, stone, Corian, stainless steel and titanium. He challenges traditional notions of what is precious and conventional ideas of how jewellery is experienced, creating works that are as often made to be held in the hand as worn on the body.

Pavel was born in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, in 1954. Following a three-year apprenticeship, he studied at the College for Design and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec and then at the  College for Jewellery Design and Precious Stones in Turnov, although he finished neither course, preferring to pursue his studio work. His work is exhibited internationally and can be seen in numerous collections, including the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and Die Neue Sammlung in Munich.