19 February to 22 April 2023

Exhibition in the Glass House of Galerie Marzee
„Metal and Jewellery“ from HAWK – University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim

„In the BA & MA program of Metal design and Jewellery at the HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts in Hildesheim, we combine the contexts of art, design and the making processes.
 Jewelry and body-related objects, vessels and objects in relation to table culture as well as architecture and space-related works are the fields in which our students find their approach and investigation.
These approaches stand in direct contact to a self developed concept or motif and involve in-depth research in practice in order to build up a significant artistic position. With scientifically reflective methods, the aim of the studies is to learn to contextualize one’s own position and to understand it in the larger context and to be able to make it visible to the recipient or user through the realization/materialization.
In this exhibition, we present results from semester projects such as “Meet your Universe”, “Narrative Matters?”, “Social body”, “Praise of the shadow” and as well as bachelor’s and master’s theses from the years 2021–2023.“
Melanie Isverding

Participants: Anna Warneboldt, Nadine Anklam -Jonas Quirin Leikauf, Viktoria Schumann, Jonas Fey, Lena Schüler, Benjamin Jésus Kneiphof, Tobias Behley, Dagmar Christina Gerke, Sujin Kim, Mira Jasmin Feltgen, Jonas Schwalenberg, Marten Kueß, Anna Hübner, Anne Sophie Ruth Schneider, Marleen Wysocki, Catharina Mohr, Mel Puntke, Sarah May, Sophia Tüngler, Henrike Cohrs, Tim Neumann, Gabriele Semmelroggen, Tina Schönheit, Guja Youssefi, Stefan Schrott, Eric Rümekopf, Haoxiang Wang, Leo Wagner, Frederic Hohaus and Eric Prinz.