Eija Mustonen

Eija Mustonen is an artist whose work invites introspection. Emphasising craftsmanship and challenging ornamentation, it is personal, often visceral, and deeply rooted in her native Finnish cultural heritage. Her inspirations come from everywhere: everyday life, people, relationships, nature, politics. In each piece, it is the theme that guides her, allowing her to wonder, question and tell stories. Working with hammer and anvil, she creates work that honours the craft of the silversmith. 

Eija was born in Polvijärvi in Finland in 1961. She holds a master’s from the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. Since 2010, she has been programme leader for the fine arts at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and is a member of the Finnish contemporary jewellery group Hibernate. Her work is exhibited internationally and features in collections including the Marzee Collection, the Pahlman Collection in Finland, Die Neue Sammlung in Munich and the Rotasa Collection in California.