Silke Trekel – Große Schwünge, sanfte Falten (Large Swings, Gentle Folds)

30 May until 11 August 2021 Silke Trekel Große Schwünge, sanfte Falten (Large Swings, Gentle Folds) Das Falten ist seit meinen Reisen nach Japan 2015 ein immer wiederkehrendes Thema. Aus Titanstreifen entstehen zeichenhafte skulpturale Formen – große Schwünge, sanfte Falten – von überraschender Leichtigkeit und außergewöhnlicher Härte. Die verbindenden goldenen Ösen wirken gleichermaßen als funktionales […]

<b>Antje Bräuer</b><br><small>3 March – 22 May 2021</small>

Antje Bräuer During my studies I did an internship at the Lauchhammer art foundry, an industrial site with 300 years of history in my home region of Niederlausitz. Now, after more than twenty years, a coincidence led me back to this place, which I began to look at with completely different eyes. For over a […]

<b>Juliane Brandes – Ulysses 2020</b><br><small>3 March – 22 May 2021</small>

Juliane Brandes – Ulysses 2020 Juliane Brandes has been reading (and sometimes not reading) James Joyce’s epic Ulysses – a challenging novel that befits the long and difficult year just gone. The work in this new exhibition, both jewellery and objects, has grown from its pages. Whilst some references are more oblique, others spring directly […]

<b>Ute Eitzenhöfer – Subtext</b><br><small>3 March – 22 May 2021</small>

Ute Eitzenhöfer – Subtext talkIn the first group, works influenced by social change were created that deal with the power of uttered words. Words that – if they are not tweeted or printed – for the most part they require a small microphone to be heard. How meaningful or nonsensical the spoken utterances are, is […]

In Memoriam Lucy Sarneel

Lucy, een herinnering Remembering Lucy Sinds ik haar tentoonstelling P L U S bezocht staat haar boekje op mijn bureau en kijkt het me aan, vlak naast mijn beeldscherm. Met dat intrigerende gesneden kruis in het midden van de roze kaft – subtiel, nauwelijks zichtbaar, soms maken de schaduwen er een ster van, soms zie […]