Moderne Muziek Nijmegen

Moderne Muziek Nijmegen Previous Next Moderne Muziek Nijmegen For many years, Galerie Marzee has been the setting for concerts organised by Moderne Muziek Nijmegen. Every last Sunday of the month from October to March, Marzee hosts performances of avant-garde music from the second half of the 20th century and onwards. Information about Moderne Muziek Nijmegen, […]

The Marzee Collection

The Marzee Collection Giampaolo Babetto Onno Boekhoudt Lin Cheung Rudolf Kocéa Stefano Marchetti Dorothea Prühl Manuel Vilhena Previous Next The Marzee Collection In June 2004, in celebration of our 25th anniversary, Galerie Marzee opened the Marzee Collection to the public. This permanent collection, displayed on the third floor of the gallery, comprises over 2000 pieces […]


History Graduates presenting their work – basement Galerie Marzee Staircase Galerie Marzee Marzee first and second floor 1996 Dorothea Prühl, Otto Künzli and Robert Smit at Galerie Marzee Galerie Marzee at Lange Hezelstraat Nijmegen 1979-1987 Previous Next History In 1979 Marie-José van den Hout opened a small gallery on the Lage Hezelstraat in Nijmegen, a […]


Staff Marie-José van den Hout Michiel Heffels (l) and Nicolas Estrada (r) at Schmuck 2018 Astrid Ubbink, Lizzie Atkins and Marie-José van den Hout at the opening of the Marzee International Graduate Show 2019 Previous Next Staff Marie-José van den Hout (Director)Born in Roermond in the Netherlands, Marie-José van den Hout grew up in a […]


About first floor – 40th anniversary exhibition – June 2019 Marie-José van den Hout, Otto Künzli and Dorothea Prühl, 2017 Brigitte Spiegeler and Johanna Dahm, 2011 Hilde De Decker – On The Move – in the Glasshouse of Marzee, 2011 Montse Hernandez i Sala and Trinidad Contreras, 2011 Michiel Heffels and Marjan Unger, 2008 Marie-José […]