Carla Nuis
awarded the
Herbert Hofmann Prize 2020

Our congratulations to Carla Nuis, one of the three recipients of this year’s Herbert Hofmann Prize.

Carla was awarded the prize for her Furl5 gold ring which, at first glance, appears solid and heavy. Formed of wafer-thin, welded gold sheet, the ring is, in fact, hollow and fragile, easily deformed by wearing. As the jury noted, “This work shows the never-ending interplay between appearance and being. The ring is not intended for eternity, but is change embodied, a claim to infinity is transformed into perishability.”
This year’s other prizewinners were Katrin Feulner and Melanie Isverding and the jury comprised Otto Künzli, Jantje Fleischhut, Dr. Gert Bruckner and Dr. Sabine Runde.