Special AJF Live with Galerie Marzee

Wednesday, June 23, 12 p.m. EST

For this special ticketed event, Art Jewelry Forum selected members who are major jewelry enthusiasts to be “guest stars” in a virtual art jewelry consultation with gallerist Marie-José van den Hout. Based on their responses to a brief questionnaire, Marie-José personally chooses a piece of jewelry from her inventory for each “guest star,” one she thinks would be perfect for them. During the AJF Live event, she presents her selection on a life-size photo of the guest so they and the audience can see how it would look on. She’ll also talk about the artist who made the piece, and explain why she picked this particular jewel as an excellent choice for the guest.

The idea for this Special AJF Live event is based on the format of Galerie Marzee for an ongoing series of exhibitions in municipal museum of (Dutch) cities, The St. Andrews Museum in Scotland and at the European Parliament in Brussels which Galerie Marzee organizes under the name: “Jewelry, the Choice of…” . Click here for more information.

The portraits are being shown at the event only. The chosen jewelry however can be seen at Galerie Marzee.

Click on the picture of the jewelry for more information about the artist and who it was chosen for.


We thank the 17 “guest stars” who participated in this event:

Susan Beech

Joan Borinstein

Michele Cohen

Michele Cottler Fox

Susan Cummins

Marion Fulk

Charles Hayes

Bonnie Levine

Rika Mouw

Edie Nadler

Karen Pollock

Deedie Rose

Karen Rotenberg

Rose Roven

Sarah Schleuning

Linda Shostak

Amanda Shufeldt

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