4 December 2022 until 11 February 2023

Coaching Handshake 7

> opening 4 December 2022 at 4 pm in Galerie Marzee

Iris Bodemer, Katharina Dettar and Annelies Planteijdt

Iris Bodemer, Katharina Dettar and Annelies Planteijdt have been coaching the participants of Handshake 7. During the Handshake 7 exhibition their current work will be shown in a separate exhibition at Galerie Marzee.

The HANDSHAKE project supports emerging New Zealand jewellery artists, allowing them to develop ideas and artworks for a succession of exhibitions with the assistance of a chosen mentor. The HANDSHAKE recipients are presented with additional opportunities to develop their practices through a number of challenges, including masterclasses, curated exhibitions, collaborations and network opportunities with both national and international exposure.The progressive nature of the programme aims to develop independent makers with an innovative and energetic practice.

During their yearlong development-journey they get offered a few special opportunities, like in the first quarter a series of online masterclasses with Estella Saez Vilanova, and midyear they have feedback sessions from established artists Katharina Dettar, Annelies Planteijdt, and Iris Bodemer. At the tail end of their journey coach (Sarah McClintock) accompany them with the wordings of their work.