Antje Bräuer

Antje Bräuer
1972 Großenhain (Germany)

1991-1993 trained as a goldsmith
1993-2001 Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Burg Giebichenstein, Halle a/d Saale, DE, jewellery department, class Dorothea Prühl


since 1998 in international museums and galleries


2007 Schmuck in Keramik und Mixed Media, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen, DE


work in public collections
The Marzee Collection, Nijmegen, NL


 Statement on her exhibition at Galerie Marzee in 2010/2011
“I prefer to make brooches. This way I can work with only the sculptural form. A necklace is a challenge, to create rhytmic movement from the individual shape and in the end create a complete composition again… I choose the shape of the spiral. This shape can be calculated mathematically and at the same time it is a basic principle of nature. The necklaces originate from the spiral shape of each individual part, ranked together, but never entirely identical. With every beginning a new challenge arises, a new theme. In this case it was a bird, more precisely a flying dove. However, my initial idea and the work that follows always lead me to other areas. The simplification of the shape and the search for the essential suddenly allow a completely different interpretation. Thus jewellery seen by a different view brings out different connotations. Perception is subjective. For me the presented pieces take me a step further. Much remains open, remains unfinished. If I were a painter I would take a brush and repaint the painting to see how it evolves. But now I start over again and proceed.” (MM# 60 feb-apr 2008)


“As an idea grows stronger, you begin to see images and things that are connected to the idea everywhere. Water, flowers, architecture, tree-rings, crumpled paper. You start to look for a form of expression, your own medium for the transformation of these images – for me that is jewellery. Small objects that ‘grow’ from a sheet of metal and become beautiful and should be worn. The technique is simple – you feel the memories of childhood, making things with coloured paper. The forms leave space for your own associations, memories and ideas. They are not an end point, not an absolute form but development. Steps on a path in time.” (MM#76, dec 2010-mar 2011)