Current and upcoming exhibitions and events

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Current exhibitions

15 January until 22 March 2017
opening 15 January 2017 at 4pm

  • A Tribute to Nel Linssenjewellery
  • Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen and Tarja Tuupanen – Hibernate – jewellery
  • Nicole BeckBlown Up – jewellery
  • Klasse Mackert – Freie Kunst / Gold und Silberschmieden AdBK Nürnberg, DE – 3 im Weggala, 6 auf Kraut – jewellery
  • Product Design ArtEz Arnhem NL – ‘Forms & Fictions’ – supervised by Renate Volleberg



Upcoming events

8–14 March 2017
Schmuck Frame
Munich at:




At Frame, Marzee will have a special presentation on the academy of Burg Giebichenstein, with jewellery of it’s former professors Renate Heintze and Dorothea Prühl and former students with among others Antje Bräuer, Beate Klockmann, Rudolf Kocéa, Christine Matthias, Vera Siemund, Karola Torkos, Silke Trekel and Andrea Wippermann.

Vera Siemund, necklace, untitled, 2004 Karola Torkos, necklace 'Crochet VIII', 2007 Antje Bräuer, necklace, untitled, 2014 Rudolf Kocéa, brooch 'Steps of Power I', 2014


Pictures ©: Johannes van Camp, Studio ZieZo – Jewellery: courtesy of The Marzee Collection



Previous exhibitions and events

2–6 February 2017
Saatchi Gallery, London, stand 1.5

6 November 2016 until 11 January 2017

  • Iris Bodemer – Notizen (Notes) – jewellery
  • Rudolf Kocéa – Into the Face – jewellery
  • Tabea Reulecke – Una Manada de Quillotros – jewellery and objects
  • Karola Torkosjewellery

pictures clockwise from top left:
Iris Bodemer, Notes, 2016, necklace; silver
Karola Torkos, untitled I, 2016, reversible necklace; plastic, thread
Rudolf Kocéa, Presentation, 2016, brooch; silver
Tabea Reulecke, Benji, 2016, object; enamel, copper, silver, leather

20 November until 27 November 2016


PAN Amsterdam

Amsterdam RAI, Stand 87

21 August until 29 October 2016
Marzee International Graduate Show 2016
This annual event, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, is the highlight of our exhibition calendar, and has grown from a modest affair to an event unparallelled in size and scope. This year’s show, our biggest yet, will present a selection of jewellery and objects by more than 100 graduates from 40 different art schools and academies from all over the world.

Galerie Marzee is unique in its support for emerging young talent and since 1986 the Marzee International Graduate Show has offered the best new graduates their first opportunity to exhibit in a world-renowned gallery. During the opening we also award the Marzee Graduate Prize to this year’s most promising students.

pictures: Marzee International Graduate Show 2016

Participating graduates and Marzee Graduate Prize Winners 2016

12 June until 13 August 2016


  • Carmen HauserMy Most Interior – A Place of Tranquility – jewellery
  • Märta MattssonDeath Occupies The Space Between Us – jewellery
  • Christopher Thompson RoydsNatura Morta II – jewellery
  • Silke TrekelJapanese Impressions – jewellery



27 March until 8 June 2016

DEKEUZEVANKAMPEN(191015)28 Coilin-tulipiere-7

Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill Transmutation – objects
Cranbrook & CAFA (episode 3 of 3) ‘Baggage – Coffee and Tea’ jewellery and objects
The last in a yearly joint exhibition of students of Cranbrook Academy of Art (US) and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing)
Sieraden, Kampen’s Choice – portraits and jewellery
photo’s: Johannes van Camp, jewellery from The Marzee Collection
(for more information, see the video of the making of Jewellery, Kampen’s Choice)

In Memoriam: Nel Linssen 1935–2016

Tot ons grote verdriet is Nel Linssen op 1 augustus is overleden. We zullen haar zaterdagse bezoekjes aan de galerie missen en ook haar warme persoonlijkheid en humor. Ze was ons als kunstenaar en als mens zeer dierbaar.