Satoshi Nakamura

Satoshi Nakamura
1970 Hyogo (Japan)

2003-2004 Itami college of jewellery,Hyogo,Japan
2005-2006 Gueststudent Hochschule Pforzheim university,Germany
2006-2010 Faculty of jewellery and objekt, Hochschule Pforzheim university,Germany (BA)
2008 Internship with Silke Spitzer,Berlin,Germany

Exhibitions (Group-exhibition)
2007 Exhibition in Itami crafts & arts center, Hyogo, Japan
2008-2010 Inhorgenta, Munich,Germany
2010 Exhibition“Entelechie” in Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, Germany
2011 Exhibition“jewelry for Men”, gallery C.A.J, Kyoto, Japan
2011 Exhibition“Above Earth, Below Sea”, paperplane gallery, Australia

2007 Won a “Gottlob Frick- Medal” contest, Germany
2007 Accepted by Itami international craft exhibition, Japan
2010 Accepted by Japan jewellery art exhibition 2010