Karin Seufert


Statement on her exhibition at Galerie Marzee in 2012
“Since several years I’m busy with collecting plastic caps, which were primarily intended for a large-sized object.
When it became clear that a realisation of this project is not possible because of taking far too much time, I started to research about new methods of converting my, in the meantime (because my whole surrounding helped to collect) immense accumulation of caps.
The caps itself are fascinating already by all their versatile colours, sizes, different transparency gradations, printings and reliefs, but not until the possibility of fusing, they appear in a new and fresh expression, away from their recognizable origin.
The process hereby is the most exciting and it’s surprising once again to see them change, fuse or observe their entire transformation. To see how the print curls, how transparent becomes opaque or the other way around, how a new structure or relief or complete new shape appear by heating and how different colours assemble in a new shape.
It is difficult to manipulate this process, in a way it goes by itself, and the appearance of the results are diverse and astonishing each time.”

Karin Seufert


Karin Seufert
1966 Mannheim (Germany)


1985 – 89    M.T.S. Schoonhoven
1990 – 95    Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam


2012          Mirror Mirror, Espace Solidor, Cagnes-Sur-Mer

Op Voorraad, Berlin, Zürich, Eindhoven, Barcelona

Soloexhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Schmuck 2012, Museum of Modernity and Illustration, Valencia

Sakura, Art Fair, Tokyo

Schmuck 2012, Munich

Bijoux 2012, Northon Museum of Art, Palm Beach

2011           Crystal, Gallery Oona, Berlin

Under that Cloud, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester

Feschmaart, Gallery Jungblut, Luxemburg

Op Voorraad, MMKA, Arnhem

Barocco, Taipei, Tainan

Under that Cloud, Gallery Spectrum, Munich

Op Voorraad, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

Wearable Ceramics, Gallery Pewabic Pottery, Detroit

Under that Cloud, Gallery Velevt Da Vinci, San Fancisco

Sexy, Polen, Legnica

Nishijin II, Hosoo Kyoto, Kyoto

Kachofugetsu, O-Jewel, Tokyo

The Ring, Gallery Hnoss, Gothenburg

Open Mind, Sungkok Art Museum, Korea

2010          Walking the Gray Area, Gallery Emilia Cohen, Mexico City

FWQNWS, Centro, Mexico City

Schmuck 2010, Munich

Porcelain, Gallery Hélène Porée, Paris

Perlen, Gallery Handwerk, Munich

Heimat, Gallery Oona, Berlin

Nishijin, Hosoo Kyoto, Tokyo

In stock, Taiwan Design Week, Taipei

Plastic Jewelry, Gallery Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco

Form vs Matter, Gallery Christiani, Turin

2009         Buttons, Historical Museum, Rotterdam

Rings for Planet Earth, Alternatives Gallery, Rom

Iaspis Open House, Stockholm

Auf Vorrat, Munich

Sofa, Charon Kransen, New York

Baroque Pearl Project, K-showroom, Tokyo, Shanghai, Shaoxing, Shenzhen

So Fake They´ll Think It´s Real, Sienna Gallery, Massachusetts

Op Voorraad, Huisrechts, Amsterdam

Soloexhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Koru 3, Imatra Art Museum, Imatra

EPAA, Mons

10 years Gallery Platina, Gallery Platina, Stockholm

2008         First We Quake Now We Shake, Gallery Beatrice Lang, Bern

Rings for Planet Earth, Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo

Gift, Think Tank, Munich, Stockholm

Verweile Augenblick..,, Vilnius, Legnica

Transformation, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne

Soloexhibition, Gallery Hnoss, Gothenburg

The Pendant Show, Gallery Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco

Soloexhibition, Gallery Pont en Plas, Gent

Winter, Gallery Platina, Stockholm

2007          First We Quake Now We Shake, BKV, Munich

Sakura, HPGRP, Tokyo

A.I.R. exhibition, Idar Oberstein

Gansevoort Gallery, New York

Kitsch, Camp of Design, Design Museum Gent

Soloexhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Pearls, HPGRP, Tokyo

Soloexhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt

First We Quake Now We Shake, Gallery Platina, Stockholm

Art & Design Fair, New York

Sofa, Chicago

Gift, Gmunden, London, Munich, Think Tank

Shop Stop Christmas, Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt

2006          Schmuck 2006, Munich

Sofa, New York

Schmuck 2006, Museum of Art and Design, New York

Schwarz-Weiss, Gallery Oona, Berlin

First We Quake Now We Shake, Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo

Presentation, HPGRP, Tokyo

Lückenbüßer, Current Affairs, Hamburg

Sofa, Chicago

Soloexhibition, Gallery Jungblut, Luxembourg

Sieraad, RAI, Amsterdam

Metamorphoses, Sichtbar, Passau

Ravary, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen

Presentation, Pedras e Pessegos, Porto

2005          Blooming Design, Keukenhof, Lisse

Fools Gold, Gallery The Embassy, Edinburgh

Long Strides in Tiny Shoes, Huis Rechts, Amsterdam

First We Quake Now We Shake, Gallery Ra, Amsterdam

Inspired By Nature, Gallery Platina, Stockholm

Landespreis Gestaltendes Handwerk, Berlin

Schmuck Kunst Schmuck, Gallery Stühler, Berlin

JMO JMA, Gallery Pont&Plas, Gent

2004          Schmuck 2004, Munich

Soloexhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Eine Hand voll Glasperlen, Museum of World Cultures, Frankfurt

Recycling, Gallery Annick Zufferey, Geneva

Schmuck Kunst Schmuck, Gallery Stühler, Berlin

Gold, Gallery Oona, Berlin

Soloexhibition, Gallery Pont&Plas, Gent

2003          The Circle, Gallery Sztuki, Legnica

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Neue Berliner, Gallery Sculpture to wear, Santa Monica

2002         Soloexhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Sofa, New York

2001 – 03  Mikromegas, Munich, New York, Tokyo, Auckland

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Sofa, Chicago

2000         Schmuck 2000, Munich

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Op de Huid, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem

1999          Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Für Dich-Für Mich, Schwäbisch Gmünd

Landespreis Gestaltendes Handwerk, Berlin

1998          Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

Verkettungen Soloexhibition, Gallery a, Geneva

Sofa, Chicago

1997           Flessibellissimo, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Schmuck 1997, Munich

Rietveld naar de Beurs, Amsterdam

1996          Aspects of Love, Object of Desire Gallery, Louisville

Sieraden Nu, Gallery Ra, Amsterdam

Sofa, Chicago

1995           5 Edelsmeden, Gallery Ra, Amsterdam

Try out, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen

Soloexhibition, Centre of Art, Rotterdam

1993 – 94  Jewelry Quake, Tokyo, Munich, Amsterdam



2012                       Inventario, Italy

2012                       Kunst und Unterricht, Friedrich/Klett-Verlag

2012                       500 Beaded Jewelry (Lark Books)

2012                       Earrings (Promopress, Barcelona)

2012                       A Girl’s Best Friends, Gestalten Verlag Berlin

2012                       Noovo Books, Pepin Press, Amsterdam

2011                       The Ring, Gallery Hnoss, Gothenburg

2011                       New Rings:500+ Designs from Around the world (Nicolas Estrada)

2011                       The Best of the 500 Series (Lark Books)

2011                       New Rings (Promopress, Barcelona)

2011                       Sexy, Legnica

2011                       Under That Cloud, (Jo Bloxham)

2011                       Nishijin, Japan

2010                       WGA, Mexico City

2010                       Pendants, Lark Studio Series

2010                       Koru 3, Finland

2010                       Eapp, Mons

2010                       JewelryDesign Handbook

2010                       Book Jewelry Monsa

2009                       Baroque Pearl, Japan/China

2009                       Marzee Magazine no 70

2009                       500 Plastic Jewelry Designs (Lark Books)

2009                       Kunsthandwerk und Design (Magazine)

2009                       Design and Make: Mixed Media Jewellery (Joanne Haywood)

2009                       Compendium (Darling Publications)

2008                       Adorn New Jewellery (Amanda Mansell)

2008                       Rings for Planet Earth (Tokyo)

2008                       500 Pendants & Lockets (Lark Books)

2008                       Bijoux. Illustration et Design (Maomao Publication)

2007                       Gift (Think Tank)

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2006                       First We Quake Now We Shake (Amsterdam, Munich, Tokyo)

2006                          Schmuck 2006 (Munich)

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2005                          500 Brooches (Lark Books)

2005                           Fools Gold  (Gallery The Embassy)

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2004                        Eine Hand voll Glasperlen (Museum of World Cultures, Frankfurt)

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2004                        Marzee Magazine no 37

2004                        Schmuck 2004 (Munich)

2004                        Jewellery the Choice of the Europarliament (Gallery Marzee)

2003                        De keuze van Roermond (Gallery Marzee)

2003                        The Circle (Legnica)

2002                        Marzee Magazine no 24

2001                        Textile Techniques in Metal (Book written by Arline Fisch)

2001                        Mikromegas (Munich)

2000                        Op de Huid (Museum of modern Art, Arnhem)

2000                        Schmuck 2000 (Munich)

1999                        Für Dich-Für Mich (Schwäbisch Gmünd)

1999                        Rietveld naar de Beurs (Amsterdam)

1997                        Schmuck `97 (Munich)

1996                        Passion and Profession (Gallery Ra)

1993                        Jewelry Quake (Tokyo, Munich, Amsterdam)



2008                        Koch Collection, Basel

2007                        Marzee Collection, Nijmegen

2007                        Collection of the city of Idar Oberstein

1997                        Museum of modern Art, Arnhem

1996                        Museum of contemporary Art Het Kruithuis, s´Hertogenbosch

1993                        Collection of the Hiko Mizuno Academie, Tokyo



2004                        1.Prize International Jewellery Competition, Frankfurt

2003                        Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica



2012                         Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch SA

2009                        Boomspdesign, Sao Paulo

2008                        Iaspis, Gothenburg

2008                        Schmucktreffen, Halle

2007                        HDK, Gothenburg

2007                        Zimmerhof Symposium, Bad Rappenau

2007                        School for Jewelry, Idar Oberstein

2006                        Hiko Mizuno Academy, Tokyo



2012                        Teaching at Stellenbosch University, South Africa

2010                        HDK `The Story´, Gothenburg

2010                        HDK `Identity/Homeland´, Gothenburg

2009                        Monteiro Lobarto `Material´, Brazil

2008                        HDK `Blow up´, Gothenburg

2008                        Iaspis `Taking Part´ workshop, Gothenburg