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Exhibitions 3 March until 22 May 2013

Exhibitions from 3 March until 22 May 2013

In deze reeks tentoonstellingen, te zien van 3 maart tot en met 22 mei 2013, laten Iris Bodemer en Vera Siemund hun nieuwe sieraden zien. Daarnaast is NSAIO 4 (Neuer Schmuck aus Idar-Oberstein) te zien, een selectie van het werk van studenten uit Trier. Ook is er een nieuwe aflevering van The Exchange met Galerie Nouvelles Images, waarbij bij Marzee schilderijen van Toon Teeken en  bij Nouvelles Images sieraden van Nel Linssen ten toon gesteld worden.
De opening van de nieuwe tentoonstellingen bij Marzee is op 3 maart 2013 om 16 uur.   >>link naar de foto’s van de opening<<

This series of exhibitions, on show between March 3 and May 22 2013, contain work by Iris Bodemer and Vera Siemund. Also on display is NSAIO 4 (Neuer Schmuck aus Idar-Oberstein), a selection from the work of students from Trier. Additionally, there is a new Exchange with Galerie Nouvelles Images, in which paintings of Toon Teeken are shown at Marzee and jewellery by Nel Linssen are exhibited at Nouvelles Images in The Hague.
The exhibitions at Marzee will open on March 3 at 16 hours.   >>link to the photo’s of the opening<<

Vera Siemund
Vera Siemund



Marzee nieuwsbrief / Marzee newsletter

Februari  / February 2013


Nog tot 27 februari loopt bij Marzee de tentoonstelling van het werk van 38 studenten van het Royal College of Art, en van David Huycke, Ulrich Reithofer en Lucy Sarneel. Daarnaast organiseerde Marzee in Oslo de tentoonstelling ‘Young Nordic Jewellers‘, en zijn er nieuwe evenementen op komst: in maart reist de huidige tentoonstelling naar München voor Frame, een tentoonstelling in het kader van SCHMUCK 2013, en staan er nieuwe concerten gepland.

This month at Marzee: the current exhibition is on view until February 27, showing the work of 38 students of the Royal College of Art, as well as jewellery by David Huycke, Ulrich Reithofer and Lucy Sarneel. In March the current exhibition will travel to München to be shown at Frame, the exhibition organized concurrently with SCHMUCK 2013. Other anticipated events include new concerts held in the gallery and the upcoming exhibition. This newsletter also offers a glimpse of the exhibition ‘Young Nordic Jewellers‘ organized last month by Marzee in Oslo.


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Galerie Marzee contemporary jewelry

Exhibitions at Marzee from 16 December 2012 until 27 February 2013 – opening 16 December at 4 pm

16 December 2012 until 27 February 2013 @ Marzee

David Huycke, silver objects
Ulrich Reithofer, Stonefree, jewelry
Lucy Sarneel, Soulmates, jewelry
Royal College of Art London – Effe Kijken 5, jewelry and objects
The Exchange: Jasper de Beijer, The Devil Drives, photography @ Marzee < -> Graziano Visintin, jewelry @ Galerie Nouvelles Images

Link to the pictures of the opening on 16 December 2012


Royal College of Art London – Effe Kijken 5 / Let’s Have a Look V – The BIGGER Picture

16 December 2012 until 27 February 2013 @ Marzee

Royal College of Art London

Effe Kijken 5 / Let’s Have a Look V – The BIGGER Picture

This year is the 5th and final GSM&J exhibition in the Effe Kijken/ Let’s have a look series hosted by Galerie Marzee. The BIGGER picture project asks our students to open up questions about inner experience and exterior appearance, to explore the notion of personal universes and collective reality. We want our students to investigate these two realms of experience and the ways they interface and interact in their own life. [interior and exterior worlds]. What are the frames and frameworks we construct to navigate through, across and between these worlds [frames of mind]?
As a point of departure each student will receive a photo-frame, an object where the real and virtual worlds meet, 2D meets 3D. This frame should, in some form or other, be part of the outcome you will present at Galerie Marzee. We live in a world of images. Many people spend as much, if not more, time inhabiting the virtual world as they do the real one. Our attention is constantly switching between these two modes of information input. As object makers we can ask how this constant involvement in the virtual affects our perception and appreciation of the real and just what is the relation between objects and images that we all so readily take for granted in our daily lives ? [virtual and real].”

Note: Students in their final year of their MA course in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery at the Royal College of Art present a newly formed collective; meet them on their website: MOVING ON.


PAN 2012

18 until 25 November 2011 @ RAI – Amsterdam

logo PAN Amsterdam

PAN 2012

You will find Marzee at stand 102
Sunday 18 until Sunday 25 November 2011
Amsterdam RAI-Parkhal (hal 8)

Open daily from 11 am – 7 pm

Thursday 22 and Sunday 25 November
11 am – 6 pm