Christopher Thompson Royds - Stilled Life: Violets, necklace/object, 2012

New Harvest | 2010

4 March until 16 May 2012

New Harvest | 2010

Ravary workshops 23 & 25

Donna Brennan
Trinidad Contreras
Stephanie Fleck
Jenny Klemming
Christiaan Lebens
Hyorim Lee
Travis Lewis
Carolina Martinez Linares
Märta Mattsson
Deborah Rudolph
Nina Sajet
Mirei Takeuchi
Christopher Thompson Royds


New Harvest (2010) is a group of young artists (seven were awarded the Marzee Graduate Prize 2010) who participated in the annual International Graduate Show 2010 at Galerie Marzee. These artists were invited by Galerie Marzee to participate in several workshops in atelier ravary (Belgium) in 2010 and 2011, in order to stimulate and further develop their work. Although Malaïka Najem is a member of New Harvest, she was unable to participate.