Michihiro Sato - Simultaneity, pendant, 2012

Jun Konishi, Michihiro Sato and Satoshi Nakamura

20 May until 28 July 2012 @ Marzee

Jun Konishi

Michihiro Sato

“The physical world is transient, and it is grasped as a temporal world in Buddhism. I feel this real world again with something fragile.
On the other hand, something fragile causes me to yearn for something permanent
Birth (or being alive) is grasped as a temporal world in contrast with death as a permanent world in Buddhism, and they are not taken up as two different things, but as one like the front and back of a coin. It seems to me that something fragile would be functioning as a device to enable me to overlook both worlds simultaneously.”

Michihiro Sato

Satoshi Nakamura