MARZEE - gallery for contemporary jewelry

Exhibitions and Events at Marzee – October until December 2012

Exhibitions at Marzee 7 October until 12 December 2012


Exhibitions and Events
> 7 October until 12 December 2012

> Sunday 7 October 2012 at 4pm
. Donna Brennan Flower Power jewellery
. Märta Mattsson Fossils jewellery
. Tabea Reulecke jewellery
. Christopher Thompson Royds Hoard jewellery
. Graziano Visintin jewellery
. Beneath the Skin group exhibition jewellery and objects
Jivan Astfalck, Elizabeth Callinicos, Jack Cunningham, Andreas Fabian, Chris Knight, Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Laura Potter, Jessica Turrell
curated by Maria Hanson
. The Exchange at Marzee: Ditty Ketting paintings

link to the photos of the opening

other activities
> Sunday 30 September 2012, 4pm
Moderne Muziek Nijmegen: Ives Ensemble

> Saturday 6 October 2012, 4 pm (6 October until 12 December 2012)
The Exchange at Galerie Nouvelles ImagesAndrea Wippermann jewellery

> Saturday 13 October 8pm until 12pm
Nijmeegse Kunstnacht at Galerie Marzee in coorporation with De Vasim