Beneath the Skin

7 October until 12 December 2012 @ Marzee

Beneath the Skin

revealing the research that underpins the object

‘Story telling doesn’t just belong to the narrative artist but belongs to anything that has materiality’.
Beneath the Skin brings together the work of eight contemporary metalworkers and jewellers based in the UK. The curator of this exhibition Maria Hanson aims to visualise the complex, multi-faceted creative journey that individual artists take to get to the final object. Photographs, drawings, texts, assembled objects, tests and samples co-exist with the finished works.

The notions of encounter, of reception, function, meaning and interpretation are issues that bind this group of makers together. This exhibition presents some of what lies beneath and alludes to things that are not explicit; by not revealing all, not messing with the unverifiable and intangible, by allowing the objects to speak for themselves enable those who encounter the objects to bring their own experiences and perspectives to bear on their interpretation.

The following artists are represented in this exhibition:
Jivan Astfalck
Elizabeth Callinicos
Jack Cunningham
Andreas Fabian
Chris Knight
Cóilín O’Dubhghaill
Laura Potter
Jessica Turrell

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