Laurie Schram

Royal College of Art – Effe Kijken 4 / Let’s Have a Look IV – brief

18 December 2011 until 29 February 2012

Royal College of Art London

Effe Kijken 4 / Let’s Have a Look IV – Give and Take

jewellery and objects

Sofie Boons, Ambre Cardinal, Anabela Chan, Eunhyuk Choi, Margaux Clavel, Phylicia Gilijamse, Raluca Grada, Jennifer Gray, Thahoura Mona Hadinejad, Joanna Hemsley, Tanvi Kant, Nina Khazani, Ha-Na Kim, Ha-Yeon Wha Lee, Joohuyn Lee, Jung-Hsuan Liang, Emelica Lidman, Sophie Main, Lyla Adrienne Marsol, Alice Patricia McLean, Emma Montague, Evelie Mouila, Joo Hyung Park, Izzy Parker, Hollie Paxton, Molly Perrin, Hannah Louise Pittman, Haxun Qiu, Jelka Quintelier, Inderjeet Sandhu, Laurie Schram, Kerry Seaton, Kuntee Sirikrai, Marina Stanimirovic, James Stoklund, Julie Usel, Kia Utzon-Frank, Sarah Vedel Hurtigkarl, Joanne Wardrop, Daniel Woodford, Tian Hong Zhang, Danyi Zhu.

For this RCA / Galerie Marzee project all students got an off-the-shelf jeweller’s ring box. It was up to the students what to do with it, where you take it… there was only one rule : everything should happen inside the box, the students could not change the exterior in any way. And the box must be wrapped in an A4 size piece of paper [or similar material] that doubles as an ideas worksheet summarizing in text and images the students’ journey towards the piece contained in the box.

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