Marzee Prize 2011 – Winfried Krüger

Sunday 2 October 2011 at 4 pm


Awarding Marzee Prize 2011 to:

Winfried Krüger

To give Winfried Krüger the Marzee Prize makes me very happy.

That I love his work is beyond question. But this award also has, for me, a personal meaning. Only recently did I realize how much he is connected with the history of the gallery.
Over the last few days Winfried and I tried to find out when we first met. That it was in Berlin is certain, about 1980. Together with a group of architects, Winfried Krüger and Manfred Bischoff and Georg Dobler shared a studio in one of those old factories in Berlin. The influence of different artistic disciplines was and always has been very important to Winfried. In 1982, along with Ralf Rainer Odenwald, he had his first exhibition in my gallery. It was the continuation of an exhibition in the Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim “Two Thoughts One Thing: Painting and Jewellery Connected”. (Ralf Rainer Odenwald studied painting at the Academy of Art in Hamburg but was originally a jewellery artist). Ralf showed pictures, Winfried paper jewellery.
His later works are mostly cast in silver. Everyday objects made into jewellery and objects. What distinguishes his work is humour and irony. And promoting his own work wasn’t really for him.
Until last year Winfried Krüger taught at the Goldsmiths School at Pforzheim. He has helped many young jewellers in their creative development and beyond that, to find their way in the gallery world.
Winfried, you are a phenomenon.

Marie-José van den Hout